Cindie’s mission as a Death Counselor is to be of service as an end-of-life guide and compassionate companion during the final steps of the journey here on earth, where we transition from living on the physical plane into the transformation of death.

Her work is focused on creating a “Death Positive” environment, a safe and peaceful space offering alternative options to planning one’s death, memorial and after life care.

This vocation, which is known as a “death doula, death midwife, or end of life guide”, has been known by many names over hundreds of years. The meaning remains the same, to provide compassionate support for the dying and their loved ones during the sacred journey into the death process. 

In her role as a death counselor, her purpose is to compassionately assist a terminally ill or elderly person and their loved ones through a peaceful transition, with as much meaning as possible. This begins from an end-of-life diagnosis to the last breath.

Her intention is to create a safe space for the work together, where she offers her full presence, listening profoundly, gaining trust in vulnerable moments, and responding in gentle ways that foster connection, meaning, and tranquility.

This is accomplished by creating a specialized experience for clients in which the end-of-life phase can be fully experienced as an integral part of life’s journey, by guiding and supporting them as a compassionate companion, witness and guide, in a non-judgmental and reassuring environment.

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