All life stories deserve to be told – no matter your health, age or stage in life. Life storytelling is a sacred calling where Cindie creates a safe and fun container for this work, respecting the needs, beliefs and experiences of all her clients. Every person has collection of unique expressions, stories, experiences, ways of seeing the world, and ways of touching the world that leave someone or something better than when they arrived. Cindie can help you document this legacy.

Cindie is truly in awe of each person’s unique story.  She sees the struggles and the wins behind the actions, deeds and words. She will naturally bring out your gifts and help your story shine, as it should for all to remember your life and your legacy. 

This ability to document your life story brings peace and resolution to so many at the end of life.  It offers the satisfaction of feeling complete, knowing that these important anecdotes and history will not be forgotten and that you are free to leave this world with an uplifted consciousness, assured that your story has been witnessed and shared.

All people are unique with beautiful stories to be told that define their life.  Even the struggles are important, because those are experiences that shape our view of the world and are also contributions.

Cindie will create a deeply attentive, non-judgmental, safe space that will allow you to open up and share your life story with her.

One of her gifts is that she will see you in ways that you or others may not have acknowledged or valued. She will reflect these things back to you to offer insightful perspectives that foster acceptance and peace for a life well lived.

Being profoundly heard, recognized, and witnessed in this way is cathartic, which can bring resolution and emotional healing to those at the end of their life who may not have ever contemplated or talked about these things before. 

This process begins with a 2-hour session to:

  • Identify your goals for recording your life story.
  • Create a mutually agreeable plan for recording that includes a brief outline of your life story, how long it will take to record, and pricing.
  • If time permits, we will begin recording at this session.

All future sessions will happen in 1 or 2 hour increments and take place in-person, or via phone if audio-only. The amount of time you want to spend telling your story is personal and up to you. Some memoirs are brief and others long.

Oral storytelling is a powerful ancient tradition. Let's carry it forward together. 

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