Custom Guided Meditation

Guided Imagery is a therapeutic tool with many benefits that support peace of mind and well-being. First Cindie will create a custom meditation for you. Then, by following Cindie’s voice and narration, her intention is to evoke your imagination and your brain’s sensory perception. By using your active imagination in this way, Cindie will guide your mind through a pleasant, soothing and peaceful imaginary experience that has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.


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Phone or Zoom Support Session  

End-of-life can be a challenging topic for many to discuss. There are so many important matters to consider and strong feelings that come up.  Meeting with Cindie on a phone or zoom call is a great way to get relatively quick support and guidance. 

Sometimes you just need to ask questions, get something off your chest, or be heard in a safe environment. Cindie is available for this kind of support.

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Death Midwife Care for Pets

Cindie is also a Death Midwife and Death Counselor for pets. When your loving animal companion is near the end of life, Cindie can guide you and your beloved up to and through the last breath and after. Some of the ways she can help are by providing you with anticipatory grief support, sitting as a bedside companion with your pet when you can't be there, guiding your beloved to have a more peaceful transition, facilitating sacred body disposition, assisting with funeral, ceremony, and legacy projects, as well as providing post death grief support.  

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Elder Companionship

In the United States more elders than ever are living alone and suffering from social isolation due to a variety of factors, including leaving the workplace, no longer being the hub of their family, getting older or weaker, enduring the deaths of spouses and friends, and/or struggling with disability or illness. Scientific studies have shown that the quality of our human relationships have a direct effect on our mental, emotional and physical health. Hence, we know that many elders are at high risk due to social isolation. Cindie can help by spending quality time with an elder and cultivating genuine rapport.

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Advance Health Care and Dementia Directive Support

There are many benefits to having signed directives on file with your doctors and loved ones. These documents have the foresight to empower you as a patient if you are unable to speak for yourself, by providing you with the opportunity in advance to declare what kind of health care you prefer in this situation. Cindie can help you complete these documents.

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End-of-Life Planning and Support

Without Terminal Illness 

It’s never too early to start planning for your end of life ---even if you are very healthy or young. Many people are caught off guard when faced with a terminal diagnosis or the sudden death of a loved one, and wish they were more prepared. Discussing key issues in advance related to illness, aging, dying, and death, and getting important paperwork in order now, will help to reduce your stress when the end of life comes.

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Video or Audio Memoir

All life stories deserve to be told – no matter your health, age or stage in life. Life storytelling is a sacred calling where Cindie creates a safe and fun container for this work, respecting the needs, beliefs and experiences of all her clients. Every person has a collection of unique expressions, stories, experiences, and ways of seeing and touching the world that leave someone or something better than when they arrived. Cindie can help you document this legacy.

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