Cindie has a natural way of guiding those at the end of life to feel comfortable and surrender to their vulnerability. Guided by her compassionate heart, she can help you explore, express, and perhaps even transform your relationship to life, aging, mortality, dying and death in a way that offers you peace and resolution. With Cindie by your side, she will help you feel free to honestly explore the many psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of facing your mortality, including things to let go of or release, people to forgive, including yourself, and as you contemplate your own dying, if you want, you will be able to openly discuss your feelings, fears, unresolved issues, and questions with her.

She will not have any preset agendas or expectations to persuade you of anything, just a broad understanding and acceptance of all religious, agnostic, atheist and spiritual beliefs. All of your discussions with her will take place in a safe, open-minded, and respectful space where you will be able express yourself freely and safely, and be deeply heard without judgement, if that is what you desire. All conversations will be respectful, and no topics are off limits. Or you can choose to bypass the heavy stuff and talk about your happiest life memories with her.

Cindie has the ability to foster a feeling of safety and trust in her clients through the authentic energy of her full presence. She is known for her profound listening, peaceful/strong energy, and innate wisdom.

Adaptable and flexible, dynamically shifting with the energy when needed, she has the ability to create a safe and sacred space when she is working with her patients and clients. Cindie has a natural gift for making people feel good by reflecting back to them their inherent gifts and positive ways of being as she sees them come up, which is typically enlightening and uplifting for them.

She can guide you to prepare for a good end of life experience by helping you to consciously observe the journey.  As a witness to the transitions of life, crisis, and change, she is very sensitive to the processes of illness, pain and death.



Cindie offers Compassionate Companionship Support to persons at the end of life and/or their loved ones throughout any or all phases of transition, beginning with terminal diagnosis to active dying, last breath and thereafter, including memorial and grief support. 

The offerings are available in three parts to meet different needs. Some prefer specific support for a limited time and others only learn about the services when they are further along in the process.

The ideal process is for Cindie to work with a patient and their loved ones starting with a terminal diagnosis all the way through last breath, memorial and grief, because a very strong bond of trust, knowing and support is built from the beginning that offers a unique strength, peace, validating witness and meaning to the on-going changes on the journey of life, death, grief and renewal.

The following section describes in more detail each phase of support that Cindie offers.


Choose which offering you prefer, based on your needs


Phase 1: Terminal Diagnosis or Aging Impaired Lifestyle

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Phase 2: Homebound or Bedbound

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Phase 3:  Pre-Actively Dying to Last Breath and After

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As death approaches, the unknown can be overwhelming and exhaustive at times. It can also be hard to accept that death is near. As an end-of-life guide, a death midwife can help you come to a place of acceptance and offer information about how the dying process might unfold. It’s important to know that care of someone at the end of life is not the same as taking care of someone who is going to be cured. Having a death midwife by your side throughout this journey can be an invaluable support, resource, and strength. Hence it’s ideal for a death midwife to visit the patient often to develop a solid, consistent and trusting rapport and connection with the patient and their loved ones.


To learn about other services Cindie offers, please visit this page Additional Services