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For all of Cindie’s life she has been comfortable with death, as if she was born to do this work.  It gives her great meaning to share her strong/peaceful presence with others, particularly with those at the end of their life. By sharing peace with others, it cultivates even more peace within her.

To this day, Cindie continues to study the human condition and does on-going personal growth work in order to garner more wisdom and compassion for others. As a result, she knows when a situation calls for inspiration and when it calls for palpable sacred silence. She’s a mover of energy. She can raise the vibration in the room and hold the container of sacred space.  

When her children left for college, Cindie began to formally guide clients through journeys of self-discovery and personal transformation. Her experience guiding people through life transitions and helping people heal through deep connection to nature has been invaluable to her end-of-life work. It didn’t take long for her to naturally transition into an end-of-life guide, as she felt called to combine her passions of guiding people through life transitions and companioning animals through death transitions. She then became a hospice volunteer and studied in numerous Death Midwifery training programs.

Cindie began her professional career with an MBA and a coveted position at IBM. Later when she had young children, it inspired her to spend more time in nature, so she began to practice organic farming and gardening, and explore primitive living skills. Ultimately this led to her developing and hosting a decade of highly successful nature education camps for children. This is where Cindie realized that everything she needed to learn could be found in nature. Hence nature became her greatest teacher, where she keenly observed and aligned with nature’s never-ending cycles of life-death-rebirth. All of this fed into her fascination with human nature, belief systems, personal growth, evolution, spirituality, the similarities that connect different people/religions/culture, and the deeper meaning of life and death.

Cindie has lived in the Northern California Bay Area for over 50 years. She currently lives in Portola Valley near her parents. She is a mother, grandmother, nature lover and animal lover.