Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Life

Jun 01, 2022

It’s easy to go through life in a haze, to become caught up in the details and logistics of life that bring us further away from its core. Even when we stop sometimes to contemplate life and death—especially when someone close to us becomes ill or passes away— painful or fearful moments overpower these reflections and we return to our normal routines. 


Yet, nearly every spiritual leader urges us to remember there is more to us than meets the eye. They remind us that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. To enrich our time here, it can be helpful to open our minds and explore concepts that might bring greater meaning and peace to our lives. Being curious, talking, reading, listening, and asking questions related to, “who am I and why am I here?” can be expansive and inspiring. Of course no one knows for sure what is the true meaning of life and what happens after we die, but many have found great peace to explore and discover answers that resonate so much, they don’t need proof to know it makes them feel good.


Below, I will introduce certain concepts that you may find helpful as you contemplate the deeper meaning of life, and strive to become more attuned to the valuable lessons life teaches us for personal growth.



Though it may be called a variety of names in different religions and beliefs, reincarnation is a common tenet throughout many spiritual ideologies. Some teach that, after we die, our soul comes back to earth for another human experience. Some believe we come back in other forms besides human. Others teach that the spirit moves onto a different plane of existence to experience life lessons in a new environment. For our purposes, let us dial in on the overlap. What remains consistent is the belief that our soul is brought back into form and existence for multiple lifetimes of continual self-discovery, personal evolution, and expression of our inherent soul gifts.


Free Will

Consider this. Even if there are set lessons we are intended to learn in our lifetime and specific talents we ought to develop and inherent gifts we ought to share, we retain our vital access to free will. This means some people choose to align with their soul path and others don’t. Some evolve faster than others and others move slower through life due to the choices and commitments they make. And although it is said we are not judged, rewarded or punished for how or when we choose to evolve, it is helpful to know that some spiritual masters say, whatever we don’t learn in this lifetime, will be presented to us again in the next. It may take several incarnations, but eventually most people do figure out how master their issues, which raises their vibration and allows them to move onto new experiences.


Surviving and Thriving

Our human self is the form that carries us through a lifetime for the duration of our temporary stint on earth. For survival, we must of course learn how to take care of our basic human needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing - but to thrive we must also take care of our spiritual self. Sociologically, humans have learned to do this through self-reflection, meditation, journaling, walking in nature, chanting, or using other spiritual practices. It is said by the spiritual masters that staying grounded in our mortality and humanity while still striving for the unique expression of our soul is a complex duality we all must master, if we want to discover the deeper meaning of our lives and fulfill our higher purpose.


Higher Purpose

It is thought by many that everyone has a different path to walk that is determined by their past, which includes personal experience, level of evolution, the inherent gifts in their soul and the consequence of their previous choices. This path is a balancing act between the earth and spiritual plane. Let us take a step back, to mention that souls form in the spiritual realm, as a giant web of oneness with all other spiritual beings. This spiritual energy is a higher vibration invisible to the human eye, while our tangible and human bodies are a denser vibration accompanied by all other visible forms, including planet earth. Our purpose as humans, then, is to develop and balance, both our temporary human self and our original eternal self. When we go inward to connect with this spiritual realm, we learn how to identify our  “higher” purpose. By integrating our soul path with our human nature, we become whole and fulfilled.


No matter how difficult our life on earth may be, the spiritual realm can help us to move forward with our own personal expansion to improve this life and the next. Some believe that when we recognize our struggles as opportunities designed for personal growth—that carry forward into all of our future lifetimes—we can illustrate our current life with deeper meaning, a rich long lasting context, and an incentive to go inward to do our soul work.