Death Midwife Care for Pets


Cindie is an animal advocate and animal lover who knows how heartbreaking it is when a beloved animal companion comes to the end of their life. Suddenly you are faced with many important decisions to make about treatments, comfort and care. This can be overwhelming as you begin to anticipate your losses and feel grief. One of the most strenuous issues to consider is euthanasia, and you might worry about the timing of it. While veterinarians can help you sort through all these issues, they are very busy providing medical care to all of their patients. As a death midwife for pets, Cindie can help. Her role is to fill in the gaps of your care team with a calm, compassionate and wise presence, and skillfully guide you and your beloved through a more peaceful process from diagnosis to last breath and after –with an emphasis on supporting, honoring and memorializing the deep bonds you’ve created with your animal companion.

Here are some of the ways Cindie can help you and your beloved through this transition:

  • Sit with your pet as a fully present compassionate bedside companion, including those times when you can't be there and don’t want to leave your beloved alone.
  • Provide you with anticipatory grief support.
  • Assist you with legacy projects.
  • Support you through the process of making medical decisions, including treatments, hospice and euthanasia.
  • Guide and support you and your beloved through the process of natural death, if that’s what you choose.
  • Be present with your beloved animal companion during the euthanasia process, if that's what you choose.
  • Guide your beloved to have a more peaceful transition.
  • Plan and facilitate vigils (for established clients).
  • Facilitate the sacred disposition of your beloved’s body, including cremation, cemetery, and home or green burial.
  • Assist you with planning and officiating custom rituals, ceremony, funeral, and/or memorial.
  • Guide or officiate in-home funerals, including sacred preservation and presentation of the body for 24-72 hours. Tending to a beloved animal companion’s body in this way is very powerful for many, as you are offered more time and space to honor and be with your beloved. Thus, allowing you to mourn and open up more naturally to a healing process.
  • Guide your children to be involved with the post death process, which is very healing for them.
  • Provide after death support, including grief support.


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